Our primary objective is to obtain a superior quality product, so we are always in continuous improvement of raw materials and production processes.


Our production lines are formed by high technology machinery that allows us to offer a product of the highest quality and guarantee the origin and healthiness of our products.

All this is guaranteed by the implementation of detailed Hygiene Plans and Traceability Plan.

We provide all our experience and information so that our customers can always obtain an excellent product from us.

Quality standards

The aim of the global food safety protocol is to ensure that suppliers comply with requirements that guarantee the healthiness of their food. In order to obtain the highest level of quality and food safety, TAPIA has designed a comprehensive plan for the identification of hazards and critical control points (HACCP). This plan includes everything related to the cleaning of facilities and machinery, the control of water use, the establishment of systems of disinsection and rodent control, microbiological control of products, traceability from the entry of raw material until it comes out as a final product, etc. This plan is rigorously controlled and verified by the TAPIA quality managers in order to ensure that final products of the highest quality and health are obtained.


Our company dedicates more than 50% of the annual profit to investment in improvement of productive processes that allow greater efficiency in obtaining an optimal product of the highest quality.

All our products before becoming final product suitable to be sent to our customers, are inspected mechanically and manually to eliminate any element that affects the optimum quality we want to offer.

In all our production processes we always use renewable fuels (almond shells) and we recycle the excess water to eliminate dirt and polluting remains. In none of our facilities to generate heat (dryers, roasters, fryers) we do not use fossil fuels.


In TAPIA we are always looking for new products that can meet the needs of our customers and for this we attend any request for innovation that we propose. We want to offer exactly what our client needs and that is why we try to adapt to your wishes.
We are a flexible company that does not offer standardized products, but adapts to the continuous improvements proposed by our R & D department and by the observations and proposals of our clients and collaborators.


  • Registration in the Food Industry Registry
  • Andalusian Committee of Ecological Agriculture
  • Flavor Quality Mark Granada
  • Currently in process to obtain the certificate of quality and food safety according to the protocols International Food Standard-IFS.