Cultivation of almonds in Granada finds its origin in a very ancient tradition. As a result, almonds are a basic ingredient in the Mediterranean diet, and they can be eaten in many different ways: raw, as a snack, in bakery products and sweets, and they are also used for making custards, pastries, drinks, oils, etc.

Nowadays, almonds are consider a superfood, that is, a product which covers most of human beings’ nutritional needs – such as proteins, healthy fats, fiber, and carbohydrates –, and provides us with minerals and essential vitamins.

After many decades of hard work and experience producing and commercializing Spanish almonds, our company has specialized exclusively in selecting the best almonds produced in the province of Granada, which – according to our experience – are considered the best variety of almonds in all the cultivation areas located at the Latin Arch.

Specifically, these varieties of almonds in which we are specialized are the Guara and the Marcona almond. These classes far exceed the highest level of quality in their presentation and appearance and most importantly, they are endowed with characteristics of taste, texture and nutritional values that make them stand out from the rest, making them a Premium product and differentiated.

Almendra Guara

Guara Almond

Almendra Marcona


TAPIA FOOD does not commercialize different quality levels within the two varieties of almonds; we only commercialize those almonds meeting our maximum level requirements. Such level is the internationally so-called FANCY quality grade.


The FANCY quality grade requirements are difficult to meet just using electronic selecting machines; that’s why we feel proud of having specialized staff at TAPIA FOOD who do the final selection of almonds by hand.

In this way, we can ensure that they meet the maximum quality parameters we have set for our almonds.

Parameter Level Parameter Level
Mixture of other varieties 5% Split and broken 5%
Foreign material 0,01% Split and broken 1%
Chip and scratch 5% Serious defects 1%


Raw almond and industrial production (almond powder, almond sprinkles, sliced almonds, almond sticks, almond halves) (almendra polvo, granillo, láminas, bastones, mitades)

Format 5kg polyamide food bags in 10kg boxes
Box measures 30.5cm width x 40cm length x 21cm depth
Boxes in EPAL-pallet system 8 boxes
Boxes per pallet 72 boxes (net weight 720kg)

Optional upon request – 5kg vacuum packed bags or 25kg raffia bags.

Toasted almond and industrial production (almond powder, almond sprinkles, almond halves)

Format 5g Vacuum packed food polyamide bags in 10kg boxes
Box measures 30.5cm width x 40cm length x 21cm depth
Boxes in EPAL-pallet system 8 boxes
Boxes per pallet 72 boxes (net weight 720kg)

Toasted almond butter – natural and blanched

Format 4kg plastic food bucket
Bucket measures 20cm width x 17cm length x 20cm depth
Buckets in EPAL-pallet system 24 buckets
Cubos por europalet 144 boxes (net weight 576kg)

For those customers who require it, TAPIA FOOD uses certified hygienic plastic pallets for shipping our foods. By using these types of pallets, we avoid fumigating traditional wooden pallets.